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Bangladesh – a country in South Asia is having an estimated one hundred and seventy million population, where healthcare is considered as one of the major challenges. Although the country has a growing private sector, primarily providing tertiary level healthcare services, Bangladesh still doesn’t have a comprehensive healthcare policy to strengthen the entire healthcare system. To ensure equitable healthcare services to every individual in the country, the govt. initiative to setup extensive network of healthcare services has been established down to the community level. But that fail short behind the ever growing demand.

Side by side with the govt. initiatives to provide basic healthcare services to every citizen of the country, the private sector and non-govt. organizations have also come forward with huge financial investments by setting up specialized and general healthcare facilities in the capital, as well as in other parts of the country. While new healthcare service provider establishments are being built across the country in greater number, medical educational institutions are also being setup in increasing number at both public and private sector.

Although the country boosts renowned specialized medical practitioners in good numbers in almost all areas of healthcare services and there are number of international standard hospitals, they are not enough to later the ever increasing demands of healthcare service seekers in the country.

As a result, huge medical patients go abroad for treatments, mainly to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and even to the UK. A rough estimate suggests that every year, over one million healthcare service seekers from Bangladesh go abroad for treatments and follow-ups, of them majority are higher spending group.

Since healthcare service providing capabilities in the country are still not enough, compared to its demand, new hospitals and clinics are coming up in different parts of the country on a regular basis and new diagnostic procedures are being introduced; demand for medical and surgical equipment and accessories are of great demand among the new entrepreneurs.

Keeping there in mind, we have endeavored to bring both healthcare service providers from home and abroad, alongside with the medical, hospital and diagnostic equipment manufacturers and suppliers under one roof to showcase their services and products to the service seekers and new entrepreneurs.

It’s the oldest B2C Medical Fair in the country, being held since the year 2003 at a very convenient location, situated with the close proximity of medical establishments like Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, PG Hospital, Bangbandhu Medical College, BIRDEM Hospital, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital, Square Hospital, BRB Hospital, Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital, Ad-Din Medical College Hospital and many more public and private hospitals and institutions.

The fair of the stature of MEDEXPO plays as important role in bringing in and uses the consumers and healthcare service provides together and helps professionals and healthcare service seekers to know about the latest medical services, available home and abroad.